Otherwise I’ll be living a very predictable life

Emily: So what brought you to Paris Ashley: At first business school, my father insisted and he’s used to getting his way, he’s the zipper king of China Emily: The zipper king? Ashley: Yes and also many other kinds of fasteners, he’s got the world by the balls, literally, and um well it’s his dream […]

Work Makes You Happy?

Luc: Your ideas, they are more new, maybe they are better. Now you are here and uhhh maybe we feel we have to work harder, make more money Emily: It’s a balance Luc: Exactly, a balance, and i think the Americans have the wrong balance. You live to work, we work to live. Yes it’s […]

Imagined Communities by Benedict Anderson

I picked up this book because there were some questions that needed some answering. As the title suggest, the concept of nation is imagined. It is not concrete, there were many factors that can lead to nationalism and every country has it’s own path. To name a few, the rise of mass printing and shared […]

Protesting in Thailand

Peaceful protests at the intersection of Ratchaprasong That right there is a friend of mine that i can safely label entitled. But not that he’s entitled. But he was born into a family that he could be entitled. But here he is, as a Thai-Chinese, saying that he would join the protests if he was […]

Nomikai 飲み会

On Youtube there was a video talking about Nomikai; it is a cultural aspect in Japan where employees spend sometime after work, usually drinking and eating, to socialize with coworkers in order to increase their bond. This made me realize something, that maybe its in the East Asian DNA to work very hard. My previous […]

Convenience for Indonesian-Chinese

I was discussing the question “Where I Belong” with a friend of mine who has very similar paths since young, but yet very different mindset. She’s currently in Indonesia and have been here almost 5 years now, I wanted to know her current thoughts because she wasn’t 100% in moving to Jakarta. We touched a […]

Would I Die for My Country

Maybe that’s a tough question to answer. Maybe an easier question would be Would I join the army? or Would an Indonesian-Chinese join the army? Past few days Indonesia has been in a state of rioting because of the new omnibus law that came into place, i always think about what issues would get the […]

The Attempt At Truth

Initially, I bought this domain because at that time I was reading a fair bit of Asian books, and there was so much that I learnt from them from a business point of view. Considering that most business books are from the western world, it was very refreshing to read through the experiences of Asian […]