The Attempt At Truth

Initially, I bought this domain because at that time I was reading a fair bit of Asian books, and there was so much that I learnt from them from a business point of view. Considering that most business books are from the western world, it was very refreshing to read through the experiences of Asian managers and how they dealt with circumstances that are more familiar to me.

It should come as no surprise considering that Asian businesses have been global players for decades, but there is just a sparse of literature on it. And even if there is, it rarely becomes best sellers.

I wanted to feature these Asian Thinkers, and hence the name.

But so much time has past, and I feel that it’s not really my interest in these Asian Thinkers, but my interest in understanding things on a deeper level. And at times, it requires readings across different subjects to gain an understanding of the questions I’m asking.

I read Robert Kuok because I wanted to find out how a Malaysian Chinese manage to become a conglomerate and become a global player.

I read Mitsui because I wanted to find out how a business that was family owned managed to last over a hundred years and defeated the curse that wealth lasts only 3 generations.

These are questions that plagued me. These are also the questions that drive me.

I’m beginning to realize that these questions will not be answered by best sellers. I’m also beginning to realize the most interesting books/literature have very little reviews. Maybe just because there is such little interest or it’s too niche.

I hope I can share this part of me, and my attempt at the truth. Or at the very least, my attempt at my truth.

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