Would I Die for My Country

Maybe that’s a tough question to answer. Maybe an easier question would be

Would I join the army?


Would an Indonesian-Chinese join the army?

Past few days Indonesia has been in a state of rioting because of the new omnibus law that came into place, i always think about what issues would get the Indonesian-Chinese on the streets.

Not sure how that thought transitioned to non-white Americans that have joined the army, and how they are willing to die for America. I googled and found that 4.3% of active military personal in 2017 are Asians, where 5.6% of the American population are Asian (2017). The military is a pretty close representation of the population.

What is it that they are willing to dying for?

What is the representation of Indonesian-Chinese in the army? And is it a close representation of the 1.2-2.7% population, or are we underrepresented?

What does it say about a group of people that are underrepresented in the army?

What does it say about that kind of a country?

P.S. I started thinking about the Blacks in America. 16.7% in active military (2017), and they represent 13.4% of the population (2019). It seems like a good representation in the army. Where do they belong? Christianity is not a religion of their ancestors in Africa. From my limited knowledge, i don’t think they feel they belong in Africa. Would it be different if there was a real world Wakanda state? I don’t mean to make light of it, but China communist party has been using technological and economic prowess to unite and bring cohesiveness to the Chinese masses.


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