Nomikai 飲み会

On Youtube there was a video talking about Nomikai; it is a cultural aspect in Japan where employees spend sometime after work, usually drinking and eating, to socialize with coworkers in order to increase their bond.

This made me realize something, that maybe its in the East Asian DNA to work very hard.

My previous blog was about how Indonesian-Chinese are still in Indonesia because of convenience. This got me thinking that it’s maybe just the default mode.

Does this got to do with East Asian values, and maybe to a certain extent Confucianism beliefs? Although this article disagrees with it being a Confucian thing. If it isn’t, is there a theory to suggest why East Asians work so hard and care so much about material and economic well-being? And not just in our own country, but when we immigrate too?

If you look at the Chinese, Japanese, Koreans, they are one of the hardest working races in the world. Their work ethic is phenomenal. And this does not only translate when they’re immigrants, but also in their home country. Suicidal rates are one of the highest in Japan and Korea probably due to the sheer amount of pressure from work to perform and the personal need to meet those standards.

Maybe it is just how we are programmed, no matter where we go, work and success is still such an integral makeup of who we are and how people see us.

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