Work Makes You Happy?

Luc: Your ideas, they are more new, maybe they are better. Now you are here and uhhh maybe we feel we have to work harder, make more money

Emily: It’s a balance

Luc: Exactly, a balance, and i think the Americans have the wrong balance. You live to work, we work to live. Yes it’s good to make money but what you say success, i say is punishment

Emily: But i enjoy work and accomplishment, it makes me happy

Luc: Work makes you happy?

Emily: Yes i mean its why i’m here for work and look where it brought me, to this beautiful city

Luc: Maybe you don’t know what it is to be happy

To say that i saw myself in Emily is an understatement. That is the false narrative that i’ve been telling myself. And i think many people are like me or Emily.

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