Otherwise I’ll be living a very predictable life

Emily: So what brought you to Paris

Ashley: At first business school, my father insisted and he’s used to getting his way, he’s the zipper king of China

Emily: The zipper king?

Ashley: Yes and also many other kinds of fasteners, he’s got the world by the balls, literally, and um well it’s his dream to have his only child, me, take over the family business

Emily: Well what’s your dream?

Ashley: Just anything but that, but ever since i was a child i was obsessed with the idea of living in Paris um and so i enrolled in school here and dropped out, i’m used to getting my way too

Emily: So that’s why you became a nanny

Ashley: Yes because when my father found out he cut me off

Emily: Oh I’m sorry its harsh

Ashley: No no no no, it’s wonderful i mean i much rather have my freedom otherwise i’ll be living a very predictable life in China, you know its funny i grew up with nannies and now i am one

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