Democracy in Indonesia

From Stagnation to Regression? Edited by Thomas Power, Eve Warburton

I’m conflicted. Let’s try and put my thoughts together.

First of all, is democracy important? Yes, but as i’ve found out there are so many elements to democracy. And what does democracy mean to me? Also what does democracy mean to the majority of Indonesians and what does it mean to the political parties that “represent” us?

While reading the book, they were critiquing democracy in Indonesia, i kept on wondering what is the economic counter-argument to this? And in that vein, i believe that one of government’s most important function is to push for economic progress, increase the livelihood of everyone and bring people out of poverty. And if a government can do that, i guess everything else is not that important (that’s how some government see it).

But as i got further into the book, i kept on thinking about my rights, and whether the government is representing me. Yes democracy might be stagnating in Indonesia because the gov is trying to “govern” the country better and thus might move the country forward, but at what cost? And who are the ones that are keeping the government in checks that they’re not crossing the line?

Is democracy the best thing we have? Even though it’s the worst form of gov? I guess i got to agree with Churchill here. It’s enticing to see countries like China who have gained so much progress in the past few decades, but it was not the communist gov that was the necessary ingredient. Japan, Taiwan and South Korea did it without communism.

Ultimately how i do feel about it, and has the book manage to let me gain some insight?

I worry about the day that there is a man/woman in power that does not represent my views, and is not a decent person. But with democracy, there is hope. Hope that tomorrow comes a better day. When Jokowi came into power, it felt like that first time that the Indonesian-Chinese had someone they could cast their votes, it felt… invigorating.

Then you get a president like Donald Trump, and many Americans want to leave USA, but they didn’t, cause there is hope.

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