Where and What is the Gap?

The Talent Masters: Why Smart Leaders Put People Before Numbers by Bill Conaty , Ram Charan

This was the missing puzzle, i kept on thinking about why is it that some Indonesians do so well, but others don’t seem to be. Is it a case of upbringing, social classes, geographical reasons or not. Yes i knew the problem, but i was still in the dark, when you are not able to clearly define the problem, you would not be able to craft a suitable solution.

But this statement, made me realize that in some countries especially Indonesia, the upbringing is so variative and without a standard, that you actually first need to identify what are the standards you are looking for, and then create a gap analysis of what needs to be worked on. It seems almost like an insurmountable task, sounds easy but i know it’s not.

I got to thinking about China, and how in the mere span of 30 years, they have managed to rival the best countries and minds in the world. Can Indonesia do the same? With a population of 250 million, we have the mass in order to do something great, but i dont think its going to be like China. I think that the Chinese while they were poor and economically insignificant, the people had a certain level of “something” or “sauce” in them, that when unleashed it was very a sheer force to be reckon with.

I think the easiest way to understand this “sauce” is by looking at the 3 things Warren Buffet looks at when hiring

Integrity, Intelligence and Energy

When you really think about it, China and the Chinese had a lot less to work on to get the “sauce” compared to say other countries. It’s really quite amazing i must say.

Notwithstanding that countries before China like Japan, Korea and Taiwan did it just as well. It’s just my memory of China as a 3rd world country is still very much alive in my head