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About Asian Thinkers

For some context:

Born in Jakarta, Indonesia
Sent by Family to Singapore for better education
Escaped to Sydney for foundation year
Transition to Melbourne for undergrad
Returned to Singapore to join a friend's sales team
Called back to Jakarta to help in the family business

Sounds pretty typical for a 3rd culture kid. My journey since the beginning has been at odds with who I really am, but it is only through walking in the other persons shoes, that you truly realize it doesn’t fit. Only thing was, nobody really asked me if it fit, most were happy that my path tick all the right boxes.

I guess it then doesn’t matter what I’ve been through because it doesn’t define me. But it’s important to know the context in why it hasn’t.

These days I rotate my time between Jakarta, Shanghai, Bangkok and lastly Singapore.

You can find me at Instragram and Twitter @asianthinkers, or email

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