Man of Contradictions

Joko Widodo and the struggle to remake Indonesia by Benjamin Bland During the early months of covid, i was pretty confident that our government would do the right thing, learn from countries that experienced it, and enact the best policies for our country. When that didnt happen, i was in state of confusion and lost. […]

Democracy in Indonesia

From Stagnation to Regression? Edited by Thomas Power, Eve Warburton I’m conflicted. Let’s try and put my thoughts together. First of all, is democracy important? Yes, but as i’ve found out there are so many elements to democracy. And what does democracy mean to me? Also what does democracy mean to the majority of Indonesians […]

Imagined Communities by Benedict Anderson

I picked up this book because there were some questions that needed some answering. As the title suggest, the concept of nation is imagined. It is not concrete, there were many factors that can lead to nationalism and every country has it’s own path. To name a few, the rise of mass printing and shared […]